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Vinny Venuti

DreamerFX Studios, created by V!nny Venuti, Ringmaster of Ceremonies, is a  production studio and talent agency in New York City. 

V!nny Venuti comes with extensive experience from the traditional theater industry; heavily engaged in nightlife entertainment from managing cabaret shows to creative producing music festivals.

His background is not only limited to production, but fashion, styling, makeup artistry, special effects, circus arts, and cabaret and burlesque coordination. All skills that have been absorbed over a timeline of jobs and now mashed together to be known as DreamerFX Studios. 

DreamerFX Studios' goal is to make a spectacle that is touching and makes your event unique, memorable, and amazing by integrating the theater and party atmosphere

V!nny has a directory of many artists and performers across New York City and Los Angeles, both up and coming, and legends and celebrities, specific to client visions.

Immersive theater and all inclusive dance parties are limbs of the DreamerFX body and does not believe in leaving anyone out....unless its a private event, then ya better be on the list.

Why not add some spice and theatricality to your next event?

Invite DreamerFX Studios to make your event and party extra special.

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