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McKittrick Hotel

-New Year's ’19

-Inferno Halloween ’18

    - Assist makeup designs for various characters in performances - Replicate makeups nightly made by head designer

The Box

Dia de los Muertos ’18

BeaverCamp ’18
Midsummer Night’s Dream ’17

- Design and apply makeup on hosts and hostesses, and staff, for special themed events that resemble beauty and colorful themes

House of Yes

Performer Makeup

- Apply Makeup for special events to performers 

The Deep End

Ridgewood Asylum ’18
- Design special effects Halloween creatures and apply nightly basis

Diamond Horseshoe

Camouflage Body Painting ’16,’17
- Blend models into unique wall papers around the eccentric venue

Tate Steineck

Face Off Video Game Asst. ’16

- Assist in makeup application and negative space design
- Maintain makeup for all models throughout VR video shoot

Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt Makeup Artist ’13-’15

- Design Halloween Makeups for some of hundreds of monsters
- Quickly apply makeup design and prosthetics to performers in 15 minutes - Maintain makeup station and brushes
- Remove Prosthetics and Makeup post night

Makeup Resume 

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