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 Welcome to My World

    Host, Talent Coordinator

Bartschland Follies at McKittrick Hotel

    Stage Manager

Play NOW! Susanne Bartsch 

    Door Manager

The Love Ball 3, Susanne Bartsch, MAC, CFDA

    On Stage SM

Elements Music and Arts Festival

    Creative Performance Producer, Talent Coordinator

Marc Jacobs & Charlie Defrancesco's Wedding Reception

    Stage Manager

"I Am The Night" Premiere Afterparty, TNT & Little Cinema

    Creative Director, Manager, Talent Coordinator

Belladonna Look Ball, Susanne Bartsch

    Stage Manager

House of Yes

    Performance and Nightlife SM/Talent Coordinator    

        - Burlesque Shows (Blunderland, Extra Burlesque, Foreplay)

        - Clown Variety (Fou Fou Ha, NYC)

        - Variety (Dirty Circus, Foreplay, Love Show, Filthy Pony, Wondershow)

        - Scouting and hiring professional Dancers and Circus/Sideshow Performers

        - Stage Managing Entertainment in Nightlife setting

Night of 1000 Bowies at Brooklyn Museum with Little Cinema & House of Yes

    Producer, Stage Manager, Talent Coordinator

The Grand Ball presented by House of Yes and Zero

    Creative Director 

The Moxy Hotel Times Square Grand Opening

    Entertainment Manager

Gala of the Gone Warehouse Halloween Party, House of Yes

    Talent Coordinator

The Box, NYC

    Stage Management Team, Performance

Seeing You

    Asst. Stage Manager, technical rigging, FX designer

You Are So Lucky, ‘17

    Performer Management

 Tribeca Ball ,’18

    Performer Management

SLUMBER, Hideaway Circus, ‘16

    Stage Manager, FX designer

SLUMBER: Down Under, Hideaway Circus, ‘17

    Adelaide Fringe Festival, Stage Manager/ FX Designer

Corporate Brand Ent. Management

    Grey Goose, Bacardi, Montenegro, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Cutty Sark, Meatball Shop

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